Developing 4c Skills:
Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Collaboration

Academia International College, affiliated to Tribhuvan University, is one of the premier institutions dedicated to providing quality education in a fully-integrated, multicultural environment. The College occupies spacious area at Lalitpur with excellent facilities. In our Graduate School, we are one of the pioneer institutes in Nepal offering B.Sc.CSIT, BCA, BBM, BBS, & MBS Programs.

Academia International College is committed to achieving excellence in the academic development of students and professionals. We strongly believe that the Academic Programs at Academia is going to acquire a distinguished reputation of being the most rigorous and fulfilling course in this category.


Programs Affiliated To Tribhuvan University

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Faculty Members

College Open Day

Venue: Academia International College
Date: 2024-06-29 , Time: 10:00:00

Blockchain Awareness Program

Venue: Academia International College
Date: 2024-06-26 , Time: 10:00:00

NYC Scientist Conference

Venue: Nepal Academy Hall
Date: 2024-06-19 , Time: 22:00:00


B.Sc.CSIT 2nd Semester

Mid Term

B.Sc.CSIT 5th Semester

Examination Form Submission Deadline

BBM 8th Semester

Internship Pre-final Defense

BBM 2nd and 4th Sem

Mid Term Examination

BBM 2nd Semester

Mid Term

BBM Fourth Semester

Mid Term

MBS 4th Semester

TU Board Examination


  • Liquidity Management and Profitability of Prabhu Bank Limited - Rakshya Dhakal
  • A Study on Divident Policy and it's impact on share Price of Prabhu Insurance Limited - Bibek KC
  • E-Government Initative in USA and E-governance in Nepal - rahul adhikari,Utsab Singh,Dipesh Mandal,Bibek Gupta
  • IT in Indian Judicary / IT Policy in Nepal - Anjal Ghimire,Ajit Maharjan,Ruth Ghising,Ashmita Timalsina
  • NIC NET - Bishesh Maharjan,Palishma Shakya,Chris Maharjan,Luna Thapa
  • E-Sava/ E-Sewa - Saurav Pachhai,Jivan Parajuli,Diken Thapa,Shivashish Gurung
  • National Reservoir Level & Capacity Monitoring System - Ashish Acharya,Loojah Bajracharya,Rupak Pathak,Sushil Maharjan
  • CARD - Computer Aided Administration of Registration Department - Aashish Bari,Nirajan Thapa,Elin Oli,Ashish Tharu
  • Smart Nagar Palika - Sharada Luitel,Kanchan Bhujel,Sandip Khadka,Akriti Chhetri
  • Human Resource Management System - Sagar Chaudhary,Rojan Chitrakar,Prabisha Bajracharya,Nischal Shrestha
  • Implementation in Land Reform - Rohan Maharjan,Manish Mandal,Krish Shrestha,Arjun Raut
  • Cyber Law in Nepal - Raj Budha,Rayan Pokharel,Aman Shakya,Bigyan Adhikari
  • E- Government Initiative in Nepal - Ronil Maharjan,Ritic Byanjankar,Sandesh Humagain,Sohail Maharjan
  • Game Archive Website - Bedant Mulmi,Bishan Maharjan,Dilip Mahato,Krijal Maharjan
  • UEFA - Santosh Khatri,Abiral Sapkota,Bibek Ghimire,Rabin Niure
  • Rotary Club Organization - Crimson Nagarkoti,Rijan Maharjan,Shashank Maharjan,Sudan Parajuli
  • Hire Us - Bijen Maharjan,Rojesh Humagain,Sujan Basnet,Suraj Shrestha

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