B.Sc. CSIT - Academia International College, Nepal

Academic policies

B.Sc. CSIT at Academia International College

  1. An offer to a place at the college is made on the understating that, in accepting it, the student undertakes to observe and comply with these Terms and Conditions and to abide by, and to submit to the procedures of, the college's Regulations, as amended from time to time. A copy of the current Regulations is available, on request, from the Academic Registrar, Academia International College.
  2. Once the student has enrolled and registered for the course of study, a place on the course will be reserved for the student, and the student will become liable for the full fees of the course.
  3. Ensuring fees are paid is the responsibility of the student and , in the event of a student's sponsoring authority refusing or failing to make payment in full or in part, the student will be held personally liable for payment. Students will also be liable for any travel and accommodation costs incurred whilst on industrial visits, educational tours, or placement.
  4. Students will be liable to pay all fees that may be charged by Tribhuvan University, e.g. examination fee, registration fee etc.
  5. Should the student decide to withdraw from the course for any reason whatsoever after admission, the entire amount of all outstanding fees must be paid in full to the college. In the event that the student has paid the full fees for the course, he shall not be entitled to any refund shall thereby forfeit whole amount paid.
  6. Students must pay their installments as set out in the agreement. Failure to do so will incur a 5% late administration charge on the installment fee.
  7. Students will not be entered into any exams if any of their fees is outstanding.
  8. In the event of absenteeism or failure in an internal examination, the student agrees to pay Rs. 500/- per paper to re-sit in the examination.
  9. Students should be aware that accommodation, books and other materials are not included within the course fees.
  10. The student agrees not to differ his/her semester without prior authorization by the college.
  11. The student agrees to attend all lectures and tutorials specified in the timetable and agrees that if the student fails to achieve at least 80% attendance rate, without reasonable cause, the student could be: a)disqualified from sitting the college's examination and/or b)expelled from the course c) any student absent for 4 consecutive weeks could be withdrawn from the course. There are extra charges of 10% course fee to reinstate admission.
  12. Any serious breach of the college's rules or regulations amounting to gross misconduct such as damaging the colleges and other person's properties will result in instant dismissal in addition to liability for such items, plus full payment of any fees outstanding at the time of dismissal.
  13. In the event of external factors, such as political strikes, the college undertakes to minimize any disruption that may subsequently arise, as far as it practicable.
  14. The College may withdraw or amend its offer or terminate a student's registration at the college if it finds that a false or materially misleading statement has been made in, or significant information has been omitted from, a student's application form.
  15. Whilst course is designed to prepare students for employment, the college does not warrant or guarantee that students will obtain employment as a result of successful completing the course.
  16. This agreement is governed by the laws of Nepal.